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James and Narcis

  James A. Morrison was born January 3, 1855 in Texas. According to family stories from Ellie Kate Morrison, James lived in Savoy, Fannin County, Texas before moving to Madill , Marshall County, Oklahoma.


James and Narcis

  James and Narcis were found living in Chickasaw Nation, IT in 1900. James A. Morrison died November 13, 1930 in Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma. His wife Narcis "Narcis" was born July 13, 1857 in Texas and died October 21, 1941 in Isom Springs, Marshall County, Oklahoma. Both are buried in Oakland Cemetery, Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma.

During the summer months in Madill, Ellie Kate their granddaughter and Alfonso their grandson would visit them for the summer. Ellie Kate and Alfonso were Robert E. Lee Morrison’s children.

According to stories that Ellie Kate, "Kate" told, the grandkids always had a wonderful time and stayed most of the summer with James and Narcis.

From stories that Candis Morrison McDonough could collect, James and Narcis would load up the "hack" with neighbors and family on Sundays and go to a Bethel church. (A hack is a horse-drawn carriage which was something like a stagecoach modernized a little).  On Saturday night, they would head to an intersection in the Bethel/Providence area called "Busy Corner", because that's where the folks in the area gathered to meet & greet everybody else on a Saturday night.  Sort of a country version of going to "the square" on a Saturday morning. 

James is listed as a farmer in Oklahoma. The only picture found of James was donated by Candis Morrison McDonough and he appears to be a tall man. James and Narcis had 10, possibly 11 children. Narcis was sixteen years old when she had her first child and 36 when she had her last child. James was two years older than Narcis.

Nothing is known about Narcis except that she was born in Texas and her Father was born in Georgia or Tennessee. There were other Morrison families living in the Fannin County, Texas area at the same time that James did but it is not known if they are related.

Narcis had always been refered to as "Narcissis" in the family line carried down from Robert E Lee.

It is not known when James and Narcis moved to Oklahoma. According to a Census report for 1900, Woodville District, only Zona was born in IT, Oklahoma in 1892. Ernest, who was born in 1890 was born in Texas as with all the other children.

If the information is correct, then the family must have moved to Oklahoma sometime between 1890 and 1892. James Andrew would have been about 45 years old at this time.

James Alexander Morrison and Narcis Morrison were buried in Oakland Cemetery,  Marshall County, Oklahoma. Some of their children are buried there also.

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Picture of James A. Morrison donated by Candis Mcdonough

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