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This lineage is reported in "James Rogers Of New London, CT And His Descendants"
"Gen. John C. Underwood, of Covington, KY, states the line of James Rogers, of New London, to be as follows:"

  1. Sir John FitzRoger, of Dorset, England, and wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Simon Ferneaux, Knight, descended from the Earls of Bush.
  2. Sir John FitzRoger and Agnes Mordaunt, 1415-1441.
  3. Sir John FitzRoger and Elizabeth Shuttlebroke.
  4. Sir Henry Rogers and Annie, daughter of Lord William Stornton.
  5. Thomas Rogers and Catherine DeCourtenay. The lineage of Catherine DeCourtenay can be traced in an unbroken line to Alfred The Great.
  6. Nicholas Rogers.
  7. William Rogers.
  8. William Rogers and Mary Ash.
  9. John Rogers (born 1571, died 1635) and Elizabeth Bostwick.
  10. James Rogers and Elizabeth Rowland.

Rogers, James Swift. James Rogers Of New London, CT And His DescendantsBoston: published by the author, 1902, Introduction

Family of James Rogers:

Ancestors unknown:

"Many of his descendants firmly believe the tradition that he himself said he was the great-grandson of John Rogers the Martyr."


  1. Samuel (12 December 1640 1 December 1713) m. (1) Mary Stanton (2) Joanna Williams
  2. Joseph (14 May 1646 8 November 1713) m. Sarah.
  3. John (b. 1 December 1648) m. (1) Elizabeth Griswold (2) Mary Ransford (3) Sarah Cole.
  4. Bathsheba (30 December 1650 23 November 1711) m. (1) Richard Smith (2) Samuel Fox.
  5. James (15 February 1652) m. Mary Jordan.
  6. Jonathan (b. 31 December 1655) m. Naomi Burdick
  7. Elizabeth (15 April 1658- 10 June 1716) m. Samuel Beebe.


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