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George Washington Slept Here?

"Old Landmarks And Historic Personages of Boston" mentions the "King's Head" Inn.  This establishment was at the northwest corner of Fleet and North streets. (This intersection is in Boston's North End; it's now the site of an annual "Fisherman's Feast," a tradition that started there in 1911.) The citation is hardly a paragraph, but if you have read it you know that the property was in existence since the beginning of the settlement at Boston, that it was burned in 1691 and then rebuilt, and was owned and operated by James Davenport.

In 1789, George Washington stayed at the home of Elizabeth Davenport Ingersoll, widow of Joseph Ingersoll. It could be that George Washington actually slept at the King's Head. The Ingersolls were innkeepers at the time of the Boston Tea Party, and although we cannot find a reference to George Washington staying at the King's Head, we know that Elizabeth was the eldest child of James Davenport and his second wife, Sarah.  And Sarah was none other than Sarah Franklin...sister of Benjamin.  

In any case, Washington stayed with Elizabeth Ingersoll, whether it was at the King's head or not.  And Elizabeth Ingersoll is the niece of Benjamin Franklin.

Davenport Genealogy:

Ancestors of James Davenport:

James Davenport, b. 1 March 1693, Dorchester, MA, d. 13 June 1759, m. 1715 (1) Grace Tileston, 1722 (2) Sarah Franklin (b. 9 July 1699, d. 23 May 1731), 1731 (3) Mary Walker
Children by Sarah Franklin:

  1. Elizabeth Davenport (b. 8 March 1723, d. 15 March 1809), m. Joseph Ingersoll. He died in 1789, just two months before George Washington stayed with her (He arrived October 24, 1789)
  2. Dorcas Davenport (b. 26 August 1724)
  3. Mary Davenport (b. 7 March 1745), m. John Rogers
  4. Josiah Davenport (b. 18 December 1727), m. (1)Sarah Billings (2) Anna Annis
  5. Abiah Davenport (b. 2 October 1729)


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