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Abner Hubbard started the War of 1812--in his own neighborhood, anyway. 

Abner was an old Revolutionary soldier who had joined the cause in 1775.  When he heard that a second war had been declared against Great Britain he took it upon himself to capture the British post at Fort Carleton, on Carleton Island.

Ruins of Ft. Carleton

When war was declared, Abner Hubbard, quite on his own, enlisted the assistance of an unnamed man and boy, and they rowed out to Ft. Carleton to demand the surrender of the inhabitants. This was accomplished--a sergeant, three invalids, and two women gave themselves up. This event was the first seizure of a military post after the declaration of war.

The next day, American forces removed anything of value from the fort and burned it; the prisoners were taken to Sackett's Harbor. The British tried to retaliate; they detained a resident from Brownsville, who happened to be traveling through Kingston (Canada) on business.  Due to a timely warning received by the detainee the previous day, however, he was able to escape to the American side.

Ancestors of Abner Hubbard

Children of Abner Hubbard and Catherine Webster

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