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Captain Fuller apparently collected jewels. In his will he left to his heirs "a box of pearls, precious stones, and diamonds, at a guess 200." A few days after his death, the jewels went missing.  Capt. Fuller's personal assistant, known as Robert the Scot, was accused of taking them.

All of the written sources for this story say the same things:  Robert had been steadfastly loyal and true to his employer, and was stunned and devastated when this accusation was made.  They say he died of grief not too long after Captain Fuller died.  He was delirious in his final days, and spent all of his time searching for the missing jewels.


Deep snow covered the ground at the time of his death, and so he was buried in a shallow grave at the foot of Scorton Hill.  The jewels were eventually found, and Robert was exonerated, but the legend that grew out of this incident is that Robert's ghost roams the area, still searching.  His grave is considered to be haunted, and harried mothers of the past would invoke the Scotsman's ghost to frighten their disobedient children.

The identity of Robert may be "Robert Marshall the Scotsman" mentioned in Captain Fuller's will.  Two hundred years after Robert's death, Captain Oliver Chase purchased a headstone and footstone for Robert's grave.

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