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My name is Billie Walsh. I'm Seventy years old. I have three wonderful children and eight fantastic grandchildren. I've been semi-retired for a while now. I've been married to Tracie for seventeen years.
I'm a bit of a nerd. My desk has two computers with dual monitors. I have a full size laptop, two netbooks ( one with a flip screen ) and two small tablets. Seveeral tablets. I have an Amateur Radio license. I love to ride my motorcycle ( highway type not dirt ). I also do a little woodworking/furniture restoration. Tracie is Programming Director for KCTU Television, channel 43, in Wichita Kansas. She works from home recording syndicated shows from satellite feeds, editing and uploading to the station server to air. I help with some of the editing and doing whatever is needed when we go to the station every few months. I have a business card with a fancy title but I generally tell everyone that I'm the third assistant janitor.
Before semi-retirement I had a career in public service and management positions. I've dealt with the public all my life. I've done everything from doing dish's in my mothers cafe to department manager in a major retailer. I have a world of experience dealing with both customers and subordinates. I had many customers that were regulars. They came back because I always gave them the best service and what they needed. Many of those that worked for me still call me friend. There are a few however that don't. I expected those that worked for me to do their job. Most did, but a few didn't.
Since semi-retirement I have had a kind of career doing genealogy/history related websites. I am Assistant State Coordinator ( ASC ) for Colorado and Wyoming. I am County Coordinator ( CC ) in Colorado (2), Wyoming (1), Illinois (1), Kansas (1) and Oklahoma (1). I'm currently helping to recover a lost county site in Arizona. I've also transcribed several works and placed on the internet for others. A sampling can be found at:

I would appreciate your vote for County Coordinator.